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My name is Brad Frerkson, and I'm a local (Sandpoint, Idaho) based photographer that loves taking photos of houses, landscapes, and life. I specialize in residential and commercial property photography and I am dedicated to helping you sell or rent your property. I understand that photography is a key step in marketing and selling any property. At 7B-Real Estate Photography, I make sure to showcase each property to its full advantage.


In addition to shooting and retouching images, I will work with you on specified image sizes for marketing optimization. I know time is of the essence; therefore, I am always prompt, efficient and reliable. I also realize that some clients can't afford expensive photos; I am affordable and can work with any budget. 

My photographs take care of the first step in real estate – getting clients in the door. 


When selling your home, the difference between an average price and a great price often comes down to how good your house looks. Let me help you achieve that great price.

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